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Matthew 22:34-46

Matthew 22:34-46 … Here we have another challenge to Jesus, this time from a Pharisaic lawyer (v.35). Still trying to trap Jesus into some… Continue Reading

Matthew 22:15-33

Matthew 22:15-33 … This portion of Matthew’s Gospel continues the account of the time following Jesus’ cleansing of the temple area … Continue Reading

Matthew 22:1-14

Matthew 22:1-14 … For perspective, we are now reading the record of the last week of the life of Christ. His triumphal entry to Jerusalem … Continue Reading

Matthew 21:33-46

Matthew 21:33-46 … Here we continue Jesus’ response to the religious rulers who had come to the temple to challenge His authority. He … Continue Reading

Matthew 21:23-32

Matthew 21:23-32 … This is a very short reading, just 10 verses. Religious rulers challenge Jesus and He answers with the first of three … Continue Reading

Matthew 21:12-22

Matthew 21:12-22 … Following Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, He went straight toward the temple area, where people had turned the area into… Continue Reading

Matthew 21:1-11

Matthew 21:1-11 … Matthew 21 begins the account of the last week of our Savior’s earthly life, the last week before the crucifixion. … Continue Reading

Matthew 20:17-34

Matthew 20:17-34 … Jesus is approaching Jerusalem in this passage, and He gives us a glimpse of what was on His mind as He traveled with … Continue Reading

Matthew 20:1-16

Matthew 20:1-16 … Don’t let the chapter division between Matthew 19 and 20 interrupt your train of thought as you conclude the episode … Continue Reading

Matthew 19:16-30

Matthew 19:16-30 … Recall from the beginning of Matthew 19 that there were four situations Jesus dealt with on His way to Jerusalem. … Continue Reading