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Matthew 26:1-16

Matthew 26:1-16 … Matthew 26 is a long chapter and covers much of the events of the passion week, the week leading up to Jesus’ death. … Continue Reading

Matthew 25:31-46

Matthew 25:31-46 … These verses conclude the Olivet Discourse, and the teaching is about  the future of  Gentile nations (v.32).  This … Continue Reading

Matthew 25:14-30

Matthew 25:14-30 … This is the well-known parable of the Talents and is the third of this trilogy of parables concerning the future of the… Continue Reading

Matthew 25:1-13

Matthew 25:1-13 … Recall that this reading continues as part of a trilogy of parables dealing with the future of the church in the very … Continue Reading

Matthew 24:36-51

Matthew 24:36-51 … Because the events described here in the Olivet Discourse are in the future, the admonition is to live lives of … Continue Reading

Matthew 24:15-35

Matthew 24:15-35 … As I’ve indicated (commentary on Matthew 24:1- 14), these first verses of the Olivet Discourse deal with the future … Continue Reading

Matthew 24:1-14

Matthew 24:1-14 … Although all of Matthew’s Gospel is exceedingly important, we now enter into a very precious and vital portion of the … Continue Reading

Matthew 23:25-39

Matthew 23:25-39 … The passage continues the strongly condemning woes Jesus delivered to the Scribes and Pharisees (the religious rulers).… Continue Reading

Matthew 23:13-24

Matthew 23:13-24 … This passage continues Jesus’ address to the crowds, including the religious rulers, and to His disciples (Matthew … Continue Reading

Matthew 23:1-12

Matthew 23:1-12 … As Matthew 23 opens, we are still continuing with the events that occurred on the day Jesus cleansed the temple of … Continue Reading