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Mark 4:1-20

Mark 4:1-20 … Here, with the well-known Parable of the Sower, Jesus first begins to teach in parables. You see that clearly in Mark 4:2 … Continue Reading

Mark 3:20-35

Mark 3:20-35 … In just a few chapters, Jesus has not only begun His ministry, He has created quite a stir. People came from miles around … Continue Reading

Mark 3:1-19

Mark 3:1-19 … The focus as we begin the third chapter of Mark seems to be a contrast between the sacred and the secular. Jesus is … Continue Reading

Mark 2:18-28

Mark 2:18-28 … Here you have the 3rd and 4th carping challenges to Jesus by Pharisees (v.18 and 24) in this second chapter of Mark. … Continue Reading

Mark 2:13-17

Mark 2:13-17 … The call of Matthew to be a disciple of Jesus is recorded here. Matthew was a tax collector and in these days of Roman … Continue Reading

Mark 2:1-12

Mark 2:1-12 … Recorded here in Mark is the story of four men bringing their disabled friend to Jesus for healing. Mark and Luke both … Continue Reading

Mark 1:35-45

Mark 1:35-45 … We observe Jesus active in ministry as we come to the close of Mark’s first chapter. The first thing to note in … Continue Reading

Mark 1:21-34

Mark 1:21-34 … Among the cities of the Holy Land we know Jerusalem of course; Bethlehem, birthplace of the Christ; and Nazareth, where he … Continue Reading

Mark 1:9-20

Mark 1:9-20 … In this passage, you see how quickly Mark moves through his biography of Jesus. Mark records two unique aspects  of the … Continue Reading

Mark 1:1-8

Mark 1:1-8 … Each of the Gospel writers has a unique perspective in his biography of Jesus Christ. Mark is especially unique as he is a … Continue Reading
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