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Mark 11:1-11

Mark 11:1-11 … You’ll note how quickly Mark moves through the life of Christ. We’ve already come to the Triumphal Entry. Following a … Continue Reading

Mark 10:35-52

Mark 10:35-52 … As we begin this reading, Jesus has just told His disciples for the third time that He would be arrested and killed and … Continue Reading

Mark 10:17-34

Mark 10:17-34 … Following His teaching on discipleship and marriage, we immediately encounter what we commonly refer to as the rich young … Continue Reading

Mark 10:1-16

Mark 10:1-16 … I like to outline what I read and what I hear (hear in the sense of a structured message like a sermon or a speech). That … Continue Reading

Mark 9:33-50

Mark 9:33-50 … There is context to the closing verses of Mark 9. That perspective is in Mark 9:31-32 which contains a really shocking … Continue Reading

Mark 9:14-32

Mark 9:14-32 … Mark records that, immediately after the mountaintop transfiguration experience, Jesus, Peter, James, and John rejoined the… Continue Reading

Mark 9:1-13

Mark 9:1-13 … The Transfiguration is at the center of this passage. It should be one of the memorable and meaningful things we know about … Continue Reading

Mark 8:31-38

Mark 8:31-38 … This passage in Mark records what we refer to as “Peter’s Confession” – which is to say, Peter’s recognition that… Continue Reading

Mark 8:22-30

Mark 8:22-30 … There’s a wonderful and unique miracle here, but we need to see it in context of where we are in the Gospel of Mark. Thus… Continue Reading

Mark 8:14-21

Mark 8:14-21 … Every portion of Scripture is important – this one particularly so. Jesus is coming back from a mountaintop experience … Continue Reading