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Mark 14:1-11

Mark 14:1-11 … It’s the Passover Week in Jerusalem, a deeply spiritual time when many thousands of Jews would come to Jerusalem for the … Continue Reading

Mark 13:32-37

Mark 13:32-37 … The Olivet Discourse is the title given to a specific teaching Jesus gave His disciples on the Mount of Olives, just … Continue Reading

Mark 13:14-31

Mark 13:14-31 … We’re reading Mark’s version of the Olivet Discourse of Christ which explains the end times.   The passage speaks of… Continue Reading

Mark 13:1-13

Mark 13:1-13 … The time of the events in Mark 13 is probably Wednesday evening of the Passover, the week that Jesus will be crucified. … Continue Reading

Mark 12:35-44

Mark 12:35-44 … In this brief passage, there are three things we might want to observe. First, the prophecy of Scripture concerning the … Continue Reading

Mark 12:28-34

Mark 12:28-34 … We’ve seen a succession of challenges during the final Passover Week of our Lord’s life. First the chief priests and … Continue Reading

Mark 12:13-27

Mark 12:13-27 … The events of Mark 12 are all part of the Passover Week in Jerusalem, our Lord’s final week before the crucifixion. … Continue Reading

Mark 12:1-12

Mark 12:1-12 … Here we encounter the well-known parable of the vineyard. It follows the exchange between Jesus and the temple rulers about… Continue Reading

Mark 11:27-33

Mark 11:27-33 … It’s not surprising that on this next day (after the triumphant entry and the dramatic cleansing of the Temple court) … Continue Reading

Mark 11:12-26

Mark 11:12-26 … This is a fascinating portion of the Gospel account. Recall that the Passover is near and Jesus has come triumphantly into… Continue Reading