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Mark 16

Mark 16 … In the first century, a Jewish tomb was like a hollowed-out cave, with one room or more, where the body was laid (not buried) in… Continue Reading

Mark 15:42-47

Mark 15:42-47 … Mark tells us many things about the death of Jesus. Here, he tells us that Joseph of Arimathea came to ask for the … Continue Reading

Mark 15:33-41

Mark 15:33-41 … Scripture spares us the awful details of crucifixion. Historians and medical science supply what we commonly hear of the … Continue Reading

Mark 15:16-32

Mark 15:16-32 … This passage records the somber and holy crucifixion of Jesus. The depth of human depravity is seen in the soldiers making… Continue Reading

Mark 15:1-15

Mark 15:1-15 … Mark’s account is brisk and in some sense abbreviated to the essential facts. Here, we have brevity but full revelation … Continue Reading

Mark 14:66-72

Mark 14:66-72 … Peter denied Christ three times, just as Jesus said he would (14:30). Three opportunities to acknowledge relationship with… Continue Reading

Mark 14:53-65

Mark 14:53-65 … These verses tell of the ugly religious trials of Jesus before the Sanhedrin (the ruling religious council). The Sanhedrin… Continue Reading

Mark 14:43-52

Mark 14:43-52 … The complicity of Judas Iscariot with the religious rulers is evident as this passage opens. Consider Judas momentarily: … Continue Reading

Mark 14:32-42

Mark 14:32-42 … The place was Gethsemane (which means “oil press”) and you could go there today. It’s so well preserved that there … Continue Reading

Mark 14:12-31

Mark 14:12-31 … Mark’s Gospel is characterized by brevity and his account of the Last Supper is brief as well. We might note the … Continue Reading
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