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Luke 21:29-38

Luke 21:29-38 … The third day of the week of the crucifixion comes to closure in these brief verses. The day has been filled with somber … Continue Reading

Luke 21:20-28

Luke 21:20-28 … We mentioned that Jesus foretold the destruction of Jerusalem 40 years before the invasion by overpowering Roman forces … Continue Reading

Luke 21:1-19

Luke 21:1-19 … This reading continues a busy day of teaching, instruction and correction in the Temple area. It was Tuesday, the third day… Continue Reading

Luke 20:41-47

Luke 20:41-47 … This is a very remarkable and important part of Jesus’ ongoing conversation with the critical Scribes (20:39) to whom … Continue Reading

Luke 20:27-40

Luke 20:27-40 … Recall where we are in the time sequence of events and the circumstances of the day. We’re in the final days before the … Continue Reading

Luke 20:20-26

Luke 20:20-26 … This is just a brief glimpse of the depth of the ugly reaction of those who hate Christ and will do anything to thwart His… Continue Reading

Luke 20:9-19

Luke 20:9-19 … Immediately following the religious rulers arrival at the Temple courtyard demanding to know where Jesus got His authority … Continue Reading

Luke 20:1-8

Luke 20:1-8 … Jesus is now in Jerusalem, no longer in the town synagogues, He’s in the Temple, the structure rebuilt several times in … Continue Reading

Luke 19:39-48

Luke 19:39-48 … We are in the last week of the life of Jesus. He has come to Jerusalem with visible, public acclimation that He is the … Continue Reading

Luke 19:28-38

Luke 19:28-38 … These verses record what we call The Triumphal Entry. It’s very unique and quite unlike anything you’ve seen Jesus do … Continue Reading