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Luke 23:13-25

Luke 23:13-25 … This is one of the most moving passages written on the Passion Week. Luke’s contribution to the Gospel account is one of… Continue Reading

Luke 23:1-12

Luke 23:1-12 … After a midnight capture and a night of cruelty and interrogation without rest, the early daylight hours (Friday morning) … Continue Reading

Luke 22:63-71

Luke 22:63-71 … There is a culmination taking place in these closing verses of Luke 22. Previously we’ve seen numerous instances of … Continue Reading

Luke 22:54-62

Luke 22:54-62 … From a consideration of all the Gospel accounts, scholars have concluded that through the course of the night and early … Continue Reading

Luke 22:47-53

Luke 22:47-53 … These few verses capture Luke’s account of the night Jesus was betrayed and arrested. The incident is recorded in all … Continue Reading

Luke 22:39-46

Luke 22:39-46 … This is a deeply holy and reverent portion of Scripture, describing Luke’s account of the last night of prayer just … Continue Reading

Luke 22:31-38

Luke 22:31-38 … Let’s call this passage “the sifting of Satan” because that’s exactly what is being described by our Lord. It’s … Continue Reading

Luke 22:24-30

Luke 22:24-30 … The Passover meal had not yet concluded. It was on the evening before the crucifixion, the very night Jesus was betrayed, … Continue Reading

Luke 22:14-23

Luke 22:14-23 … We have here the holiest observance in all of Scripture … the Paschal Supper (Paschal refers to the Passover event from … Continue Reading

Luke 22:1-13

Luke 22:1-13 … Two events capture our attention as Luke 22 opens. First the betrayal of Judas: we might ask how a disciple of Jesus could … Continue Reading