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Luke 24:45-53

Luke 24:45-53 … We come now to the closing verses of the Gospel of Luke. Here, the resurrected Jesus is speaking to thirteen people: the … Continue Reading

Luke 24:36-44

Luke 24:36-44 … Luke’s account of the forty days between the resurrection and the ascension of Christ continues in these verses. The two… Continue Reading

Luke 24:28-35

Luke 24:28-35 … This segment of Luke 24 will continue and conclude the experience on the road to Emmaus. Jesus, during this post- … Continue Reading

Luke 24:13-27

Luke 24:13-27 … We’re in the period of time between the resurrection (covered in Luke 24:1-12) and the ascension (Luke 24:51). This is a… Continue Reading

Luke 24:1-12

Luke 24:1-12 … The women we read about in the opening of this last chapter in Luke are the same women who watched as Jesus’ body was … Continue Reading

Luke 23:50-56

Luke 23:50-56 … The closing verses of Luke 23 contain the simple but poignant facts of the burial of Jesus of Nazareth—Jesus: the … Continue Reading

Luke 23:44-49

Luke 23:44-49 … Luke’s record of the last moments of our Savior’s earthly life is a very somber and reverential passage. We, like His … Continue Reading

Luke 23:38-43

Luke 23:38-43 … The Gospels record seven statements of Jesus from the cross of Calvary; most are recorded in other Gospel accounts, but … Continue Reading

Luke 23:32-37

Luke 23:32-37 … The crucifixion is here. So reverent is this that none of the Gospel writers expound on it at all. They simply say … … Continue Reading

Luke 23:26-31

Luke 23:26-31 … We’ve been following the final 24 hours in the human life of the Incarnate Son of God, the Messiah Jesus. It pains our … Continue Reading
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