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John 15:9-17

John 15:9-17 … We call this portion of John’s Gospel (chapters 13-17) the Upper Room Discourse. Only chapters 13 and 14 were actually … Continue Reading

John 15:1-8

John 15:1-8 … I hesitate to say it because all Scripture is so important to read and know, but in terms of understanding the providence of… Continue Reading

John 14:22-31

John 14:22-31 … John does not write about the actual Passover observance in the upper room, but he does reveal the intimacy of … Continue Reading

John 14:15-21

John 14:15-21 … There are just six verses here, but they’re powerful and greatly aid our understanding of true Christianity. The Bible … Continue Reading

John 14:1-14

John 14:1-14 … Here, we’re still in the Upper Room and the sequence of conversation before us in John 14 followed the supper and the new… Continue Reading

John 13:31-38

John 13:31-38 … As we conclude John 13, we’re still in the Upper Room. John has described events of the Passover evening, but does not … Continue Reading

John 13:18-30

John 13:18-30 … The exclusion of Judas is recorded here in detail. Satanic influence is real. One of the verses noting the potential for … Continue Reading

John 13:12-17

John 13:12-17 … Still in the Upper Room on Thursday evening before the Friday crucifixion, Jesus resumed His place at the table and asked … Continue Reading

John 13:1-11

John 13:1-11 … Chapters 13 and 14 will cover John’s account of events in the Upper Room. It is Thursday of the Paschal week in Jerusalem… Continue Reading

John 12:37-50 

John 12:37-50 … These closing verses of John 12 are the last recorded words of Jesus in His public ministry. Hereafter, his … Continue Reading