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Acts 17:16-34

Acts 17:16-34 … Paul came to Athens, Greece in (roughly) 51 A.D. Athens was already an ancient city, pre-dating Rome by thousands of … Continue Reading

Acts 17:1-15

Acts 17:1-15 … Recall that we’re in the midst of Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey, which began in Acts 15:40. As Acts 16 ended, Paul and … Continue Reading

Acts 16:16-40

Acts 16:16-40 … Here we have the episode of a “possessed” girl in Philippi who was being used by a pair of scoundrels in a fortune … Continue Reading

Acts 16:1-15

Acts 16:1-15 … Retracing his steps to central Asia (Turkey today), Paul returned to the site of his earlier stoning at the hands of a mob … Continue Reading

Acts 15:22-41

Acts 15:22-41 … In our last reading in Acts 15, a “Jerusalem Council” was held with the apostles. Church members from Antioch (300 … Continue Reading

Acts 15:1-21

Acts 15:1-21 … Two important things to notice about Antioch: one is that believers were first called Christians there, and second, that … Continue Reading

Acts 14

Acts 14 … This account will complete the first missionary journey, but not without truly memorable events. Note several things in the … Continue Reading

Acts 13:26-52

Acts 13:26-52 … Paul and Barnabas embarked on a missionary journey (the forerunner of many, many missionaries, by the way). In a … Continue Reading

Acts 13:1-25

Acts 13:1-25 … We’re in Antioch here, 300 miles north of Jerusalem. A church of Jesus Christ is flourishing in spiritual growth and … Continue Reading

Acts 12

Acts 12 … The family of Herod was truly monstrous through several generations. The Herod mentioned here is Herod Agrippa I, a grandson of … Continue Reading