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Acts 23:1-11

Acts 23:1-11 … As a result of the Roman commander’s intervention and attempt to preserve civil tranquility, Paul is brought before the … Continue Reading

Acts 22

Acts 22 … At the close of Acts 21, Paul was being carried to the Roman Antonia Fortress, located adjacent to the north end of the Temple … Continue Reading

Acts 21:27-40

Acts 21:27-40 … Recall that Paul, on his return from the third missionary journey, was met with concern from the apostles for his safety. … Continue Reading

Acts 21:1-26

Acts 21:1-26 … Much transpires in today’s reading. The third missionary journey is concluding with a return to Jerusalem. The sea … Continue Reading

Acts 20:13-38

Acts 20:13-38 … Following Paul’s teaching late into the night at Troas and the revival of Eutychus, Paul’s entourage traveled by boat … Continue Reading

Acts 20:1-12

Acts 20:1-12 … Following the Silversmith’s Rebellion in Ephesus (Acts 19), Paul traveled to Macedonia (northern Greece, and so he … Continue Reading

Acts 19:23-41

Acts 19:23-41 … This is an interesting passage. Ephesus was a pagan cultural center with the Temple of Diana nearby. It was a truly … Continue Reading

Acts 19:1-22

Acts 19:1-22 … As chapter 19 opens, Apollos (the gifted preacher) is at Corinth (in Greece, across the Aegean Sea from Ephesus) and Paul … Continue Reading

Acts 18:18-28

Acts 18:18-28 … The reading today ends the Second Missionary Journey (Acts 18:18-22) and begins the third missionary journey (Acts 18:23- … Continue Reading

Acts 18:1-17

Acts 18:1-17 … This details the last part of the second missionary journey, when Paul spent 18 months in Corinth, which is a seaport on a … Continue Reading