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Acts 28:17-31

Acts 28:17-31 … This reading completes the book of Acts. It’s amazing that Paul was held under house arrest for two years (60-62 A.D.) … Continue Reading

Acts 28:1-16

Acts 28:1-16 … Now we arrive at the great and final chapter of the book of Acts, which has chronicled the history of the beginning of … Continue Reading

Acts 27:27-44

Acts 27:27-44 … Can you imagine? Two weeks of rough seas with little to eat; this was a very precarious situation. But Paul never loses … Continue Reading

Acts 27:1-26

Acts 27:1-26 … This is the account of the beginning of Paul’s journey to Rome for his appeal before Caesar in about 60 A.D. Paul was … Continue Reading

Acts 26:19-32

Acts 26:19-32 … Acts 26 continues Paul’s testimony before Festus and King Agrippa II. In his speaking, Paul clearly presents the Gospel … Continue Reading

Acts 26:1-18

Acts 26:1-18 … Continuing the drama of Acts 25, Paul speaks in a trial-like forum before Festus and King Agrippa, giving a defense of why … Continue Reading

Acts 25:13-27

Acts 25:13-27 … This is an interesting passage on several counts. Festus is the new “sheriff in town” (so to speak); he’s the Roman … Continue Reading

Acts 25:1-12

Acts 25:1-12 … After languishing in prison two years, Felix is replaced by Festus and as any good administrator might do, Festus first … Continue Reading

Acts 24

Acts 24 … Here we have a legal trial of Paul before Governor Felix, the “procurator” of Judea (a procurator is a local administrator … Continue Reading

Acts 23:12-35

Acts 23:12-35 … You’ve heard of the midnight ride of Paul Revere? Well, this is the midnight ride of  Paul the Apostle. It  begins … Continue Reading
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