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Taking Care of Our Family

Laboring for Jesus in America is an adventure full of both joy and challenges. Laboring for Jesus in a foreign land, far away from family, friends, and maybe even without another Christian within hundreds of miles, is certainly full of incredible joy, but it’s also full of unique obstacles.

Even the most well-prepared Navigator missionaries face unexpected bumps in the road. As bold preachers of the Gospel, they are targets of opposition from the enemy. Often living in impoverished communities, they must learn to live without the creature comforts of home. As aliens in a land not their own, they wrestle with feeling isolated and sometimes with being rejected by the very people they want to reach.

Language barriers, disease, cultural differences, lack of resources—the odds are stacked against our missionaries. That’s why we’ve created the Missionary Care Fund—to help give these laborers support when they urgently need it.

In From Break-in to Breakthrough in this issue of One-to-One, you read the remarkable story of what happened to Navigator missionaries Paul and Stephanie who had their rural African home broken into by bandits. And even though God used that terrifying break-in to instigate a breakthrough for the Gospel in their small village, they needed extra help to recover both financially and emotionally. The Navigators Missionary Care Fund enabled us to take care of our family when they needed it most.

When another international staff couple’s 16-month-old son was diagnosed with a life-threatening allergy, the fund allowed us to help pay for medical expenses resulting from extensive testing and consultation.

As Christians we take care of our family. Will you help us to continue to care for our brothers and sisters overseas by giving to the Missionary Care Fund today?

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