Prayer Resources

Open in full sizeMany of the resources on this page come from Vic Black, the U.S. prayer director for The Navigators. Vic writes from his experiences leading prayer workshops and retreats for Navigator staff teams across the country.

These tools can be used personally or in groups to help you develop deeper intimacy with God through prayer.

Read more about Vic and how God led him into his role as prayer director. You may contact him by email here.

Prayer is experiencing the presence of God.

As you gaze into the facet of the love of God, allow yourself to be drawn into the depth and richness of His love.

Gaze into the facet of the Peace of God. The peace that God brings is in contrast to the peace offered in the world.

As we pray for each other, our primary goal should be to get our friends in front of Jesus! So often I hear people telling Jesus what to do and how to do it. How rude! How presumptuous!

This is much more a listening exercise than a writing exercise. Allow God to speak. Give yourself freedom to experiment.

These are a few excerpts from my personal journal of the various ways I have engaged with the prayers of Scripture to make them more personal. Perhaps these examples will help you on your journey into intimacy with God.

See the absolutely amazing parallels between the ketubah, the traditional Hebrew marriage covenant, and our relationship with Christ.

My story of receiving Psalm 23 in an unusual way from the Lord.

My observation has been that when life gets hard, we try to get out! Automatically we think that something must be amiss if life isn’t smooth and comfortable. Ponder, soak, and meditate on Jeremiah’s prayer in chapter 32

How did the disciples pray when they faced crisis?

Have you ever wondered why God put all those prayers in the Bible? Perhaps He put them there to teach us how to pray!

Dig into the prayers of Ephesians chapter 3 to discover the heart of God and instructions for how you should pray.

Have you ever tried to imagine the sanctuary spoken of in 1 Corinthians 3:16 as a real place inside you?