February 2015

Discipleship is at the core of what Christ commissioned His followers to do when He walked the earth. He taught it. He modeled it. And He commanded it. Jesus lived His earthly life among a lost and broken world. While He lived among us, He called others to follow Him and do likewise.

During my time reaching police officers, fire fighters, and others in related fields, I have been amazed at how God moves in people’s lives and the opportunities I’ve had to share the Gospel. I have seen hardened patrol sergeants (On more than one occasion) open up their lives to Jesus and want to know more.

Just as I have transitioned from mothering to coaching with my own adult daughter, so I am seeing a similar shift in my relationships with a younger generation of Navigator women joining me in ministry to U.S. Naval Academy female midshipmen.

Over a lifetime, the average person will move 12 times and change jobs 12-15 times. This leads to different work environments, neighborhoods, school systems, and bodies of believers. There will be cultural differences and lingo that will take time to understand. The real question is:  How do we keep Jesus the focus as our life is in a constant state of transition?