April 2017

While there are many things that could be said about the importance of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus, I’ll highlight three things.

Ministry is similar to baseball. The greatest players in baseball have a batting average of around .300. If a player gets a hit three times out of 10 and maintains this average over the course of his career, he is considered a candidate for the Hall of Fame. As I take my “swings” in ministry, starting spiritual conversations with students, I never know when I will get a hit or when the message will seemingly miss. But I keep swinging and pointing students toward Jesus, because I know that the hits aren’t up to me. And even if I feel foolish at times, I keep swinging.

Jesus used mealtimes as an opportunity for fellowship and to teach more about His Word. Throughout Scripture we see Him interact in homes, feasts, hillsides, and beach fires—sharing food, fellowship, and teaching with His followers.

At Marine Corps Base Quantico, Navigators Michael and Velma Jacobs follow Christ’s example. Each week they have Marines in their home to share physical and spiritual food. They use these times to encourage and disciple new Marine lieutenants going through basic training school, Marines preparing for duty in U.S. embassies, officers attending Expeditionary Warfare School, or those flying the President’s helicopters. By intentional discipleship and fellowship around the table, they are laying foundations for generations of laborers throughout the Marine Corps.

Learn about grace from Romans 5 from beloved author and Navigator Jerry Bridges.

Can life in this multitasking world be tamed? In a culture that pulls women in multiple directions at once, is it possible to de-clutter the calendar, reduce energy-draining distractions, and exchange some of those urgencies for what is truly important?
This timely Bible study from bestselling author Cynthia Heald shows you that, yes, a simpler life is not only possible, but also vital.
Becoming a Woman of Simplicity delves into Scripture and offers practical, real-life counsel so you can experience the freedom necessary to live with the quiet confidence God intended.

This booklet provides the format for telling others about salvation and the Christian life. Topics include putting Christ first in your life, relying on the Lord’s strength, the importance of the Bible, and love.