June 2017

Coming Alongside Co-Workers

Rob asked God how He might use a man like him to put into practice what he’d been learning from a Bible study on discipleship called The Ways of the Alongsider, which we were processing with a church leadership team. Rob wanted to make a Kingdom difference in his world. The Lord focused his attention on the military environment where he worked.
I asked him, “What would it look like?”
“Leadership training,” that’s the initiative Rob told me he had on his heart to launch during off hours. “I’ll take them through a series of discipleship exercises.”

As an American serving with The Navigators in France, I am frequently asked about my work—I engage university students in Bible discussions. Usually my “job” doesn’t make sense to people and at times I get discouraged.
On a recent visit to Finland, I went to a well-known church in Helsinki that holds a service called “Thomasmesse.” It’s a service for those who are doubting or discouraged—like Thomas the disciple.

Jesus' Followers See the World Through His Eyes

One day, as Jesus was going about His usual business of traveling from town to town, He stopped and called something to the attention of His disciples. They were in the midst of a crowd, yet the disciples were apparently oblivious to the people around them, like we are when we’re in a crowded mall.
Jesus, however, saw the people. He saw them as “harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Matthew 9:36). He saw their frustration, anger, and sorrow. He saw that they were busy going nowhere in particular. I can imagine Him saying to His unseeing disciples, “Look at that woman over there. See her face? What do you suppose life is like for her?”

Life-On-Life Discipleship

“Alongsiders” come alongside other believers, making disciples one conversation and one relationship at a time. It’s not a “top down” relationship. It’s a friendship.
Jesus was an alongsider. Jesus intentionally ministered life-on-life with a select few. When the Lord invited His disciples to “be with him” (Mark 3:14), it meant joining the Lord in His life.

2 Timothy

In the Christian race there are hills and obstacles—it is a marathon. And, there are lessons that God has given us in His Word to prepare us for running. Longtime Navigator Skip Gray describes several Obstacles in the Race from 2 Timothy so that we can run our race well.

Jim Petersen shares what he’s learned from more than 25 years of working with the unchurched. He shows that, although many people don’t want to hear about our faith, they will talk about their own felt needs—needs that can only be met in Christ.

Learn how to develop relationships with the unreached, model the Christian message, and eventually present the Bible’s claims in a non-threatening manner.