Planning for the End of Life by Nate Mirza

download Planning for the End of Life PDF Preparing for the end of a loved one’s life can be traumatic, but it can also be healing and can develop deeper bonding with family and friends. So much is determined by our attitude of serving, compassion, and unity. My wife Kay described this as “self-giving love,” which characterizes God who is love. I pray what is shared here will make your preparations more freeing and less burdensome.

Through the process of walking through this with my beloved Kay as her primary caregiver for some eight years, seeing her finish her mission on earth, and then thinking through how to best honor her life and her service to the Lord, people encouraged me to write something that would help others through the same process. I consider this a work in progress and welcome any suggested improvements. Obviously not everything here will apply to everyone. Pick and choose what is appropriate for your situation.

Nate Mirza
International Students Ministry staff