Navigators are found in every corner of the United States. Our emphasis on life-on-life discipleship shows people how to live lives of influence among their friends and family members. We support and encourage disciplemaking in small town neighborhoods, in high-rise apartment buildings, in places of employment, and in places where arts and creativity are expressed—in short, where we live, work, and play!

Nav Neighbors pursues the calling to reach our neighborhoods, communities, cities, suburbs, and small towns with the Gospel of Christ. By living and sharing life with those in our natural affinity groups, including neighbors, family members, and friends we can demonstrate what it means to live and labor among the lost right where we are.

We inspire and equip Christians in the workplace to serve with excellence, competence, and faithfulness. In addition, we long to see them move from merely working for a paycheck to being used of God to make a transformative difference right where God has placed them.

I-58 Navs engages with those in need in under-resourced, broken communities. Through life-on-life, holistic ministry we seek to help these people overcome the consequences of poverty, injustice, and bad decisions. We desire to produce spiritual generations of laborers from within the community in order to transform the community for future generations.

Nations Within reaches out to peoples within the United States with a primary cultural and national identity distinct from the majority culture. Divided by ethnicity, religion, or season of life (immigrants and refugees), we seek to advance the Gospel among our increasingly diverse nation and build a more cohesive mosaic of people, one stunning piece—or person—at a time.

Veteran Navigators uniquely using gifts and experience to make a vital contribution to the Great Commission in the context of God-directed relationships.

We are a movement. A movement of light, sound, and language—a movement of life. We are artists united for the rehumanization of a deadened world. We are an international movement of art makers and art lovers renewing our lives through the creation and appreciation of beauty. We live at the intersection of faith and art.