EDGE Corps: Campus Internships

EDGE Corps is the ministry of The Navigators dedicated to spreading the knowledge and peace of Christ through discipleship. Active on more than 160 campuses nationwide, EDGE Corps leaders live with and train students through everyday life. Each Navs campus ministry is a close-knit community of people who actively engage in the lives of others. Through laughter, late-night hang-outs, and a genuine love of life, our goal is to build relationships with students and help them strengthen their relationships with Jesus and each other. Scripture memory and discipleship form the core of how Navs builds up men and women to love and follow after Jesus. We love God and love people, and we encourage each other to do the same. We take our faith seriously, and we go out of our way to have some serious fun.

We consider it our deepest honor and highest calling to develop each student into a life-long laborer, one who will continue to walk with Jesus long after graduation. If you’re a soon-to-graduate college student that shares that same passion, consider joining EDGE Corps after graduation. Through God’s power you will help shape lives, and in doing so you might find God doing a great work in your own life as well.

Visit the EDGE Corps website for more info.