Summer Overseas

The reality of Christ’s words when He sent His disciples out into Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, and all the earth is that He wasn’t giving a suggestion. He was giving a command: we are to be His witnesses in the cities where we live, to our neighbors around us both rich and poor, and to every nation on earth. This is what The Navigators is all about. Our hearts leap at the call, and we want to call up other believers in Christ to join us as we share His love and truth overseas. Come on a mission with us this summer, and watch as God transforms the world.

Ranging from two weeks to three months, these summer trips annually attract over 200 people ready to invest in life-on-life ministries to Kenya, Uganda, Zambia, East Asia, Japan, New Zealand, the Philippines, Russia, Croatia, Latvia, the Netherlands, the Middle East, and more. They are designed to open eyes and hearts to the realities of the world outside our backyards, and the urgency of advancing the gospel of Jesus and his kingdom cross-culturally. Some trips are open to people who are new to The Navigators; other opportunities require prior training under the supervision of Navigator staff members here in the US. If you are new to The Navigators, or new to the mission field abroad, short-term trips are a great place to start.