Ben and Caryn Burchardi
Georgia Tech

Caryn and I each made the most important decision of our lives during our first year in college. God used The Navigators at the University of Florida to help me develop an accurate picture of Him and I came to trust Jesus with my whole heart as a freshman. Caryn grew up in Colorful Colorado, where she attended Colorado State University in Fort Collins. She encountered Jesus through The Navigators as a freshman and was a part of the ministry ever since. We have a passion to know Christ deeply and to share who He is with those around us. We love working with college students helping them to grow deeper in their understanding of Jesus, their ability to relate with others well and build foundations to help them for a lifetime. Caryn and I are privileged to serve with The Navigators at Georgia Tech. We have three children, Sophia, Nora, and David, and enjoy students sharing life with our family.

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Updates from Ben and Caryn

May 2017 Bulletin
March 2017 Burchardi Bulletin
Ministry Update

Check out our campus website for more info on the GT Navs!

End of 2016 Update

Thanks for your prayers and partnership!  Attached is our final update for 2016, with an invitation to make a financial contribution to join us in this crucial campus work.  


October Bulletin

Thanks for standing with us in this crucial work!

He's here!

Prayer Request

David Michael Burchardi was born on October 28th! Please pray for us as we transition to new rhythms on campus and at home.

David Michael Burchardi was born on October 28th! Please pray for us as we transition to new rhythms on campus and at home.


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Prayer Request

Summer is in full swing and our students are all over the globe!  Some have internships, some study abroad, some are at a Navigators summer training program, some are working full time, and some are taking classes.  It's fun to see how God is shaping these men and women.  As we start our third year ministering at Georgia Tech, we've sensed from the Lord that our focus for the year is to be "Laboring among the Lost".  The idea of normal, everday people using the places, jobs, residences, hobbies, etc that God has given us to advance His gospel.  To share the hope and love of Christ.  We are so excited for this!!  Would you who read this message join us in praying that the students on Tech's campus would be impacted by our Navigators laborers?

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End of Year 2 ministering at Tech

The school year is winding down.  Finals start on Thursday.  We are so humbled and thankful at God's work around us.  Attached is our latest update.

November 2015 update

Here is our latest ministry update. God is on the move at Georgia Tech! Pray for this current year to be a really foundational one for this ministry.  Caryn and I are doing well and Sophia and Nora are growing like crazy. If you haven't met us and have stumbled onto this page we'd love to connect with you. Ben -, Caryn -

Prayer Request

We are 3 weeks into living in Atlanta and are still learning a ton about our new city. From where the nearest grocery store is to what students like to do on a weekend, the learning is continuous. Please pray for us to have grace and wisdom as we transition into our new role as the Georgia Tech Campus Directors and Atlanta residents! Thanks! [Ben - 6.18.2014]

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December 2013 Burchardi Bulletin - Year End Letter

This update contains exciting moves about our change of campus from the University of Florida to Georgia Tech and also an opportunity to partner with us through a special year end giving project. As 2014 has gotten underway and all of the accounting is complete for this project, it is exciting to report that about 95% of our goal was met. Thank you Lord for your faithfulness and thank you friends for responding to this need!

October 2013 Burchardi Bulletin

A glimpse at our ministry from a Fall 2013 update.

Newsletter from our 2013 Summer Training Program Assignment

Here is a PDF detailing our summer in Pigeon Forge, TN. We love STPs and how foundational they are for students in becoming lifelong laborers.

Prayer Request

Please pray for us to finish well during our final 3 months of our assignment at UF and to launch well in Atlanta at Georgia Tech starting June 2014. Thanks! [Ben - 2.12.2014]

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