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Apartment neighbors can be hard to know. But in one apartment complex in Atlanta, the Gospel is moving faster than the tenants.

It’s deep without being intense. Low-key and high-impact. Royal treatment while drawing closer to eternity’s King.

As I turned the pages, I found myself in a Model T passenger seat, watching Jim’s life round each harrowing bend. Watching his God prove continually faithful.

Sometimes I enjoy flipping through news channels on TV. When I do, it’s hard not to notice how emotions, opinions, and rudeness seem to be running high in the political arena these days. Yikes! It’s pretty sad.

Eight students baptized at University of Washington

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When we think about discipleship we often picture one-on-one relationships, but how are these relationships to be understood within the context of community? Dave Wirgau examines Hebrews 10:24-25, breaking down the “let us” statements...

What would you do if a young woman who is blind sat down next to you as you were discussing the story of Jesus healing a blind man?

So, what’s it like, life after college? It’s a little bit of everything: new schedules, new friends, new places, old likes, old challenges… and the same passion to walk with Christ, find community, find meaningful work and...