DG Elmore Chairman of the U.S. Board of Directors

DG Elmore became chairman of The Navigators board of directors in August 2011, after serving on the board for 14 years. He is the fourth board chairman in The Navigators 78 year history. DG is chairman and owner/part-owner of several businesses as part of The Elmore Companies. His businesses serve clients in the areas of travel, education, publishing, manufacturing, and sports management.

DG is a 1980 accounting graduate of Southern Methodist University, and a 1984 graduate of Indiana University with a Law degree and masters in business administration.

DG was introduced to The Navigators while at Indiana University, when he and his wife, Gini, became involved in a Navigator Bible study.

Today, DG lives out the values of The Navigators, spreading the word about Jesus among his business associates, friends, and family.

DG and Gini live in Bloomington, Indiana, and are the parents of six teenage and adult children.