The Navigators Annual Report 2016
Letter from the President

During a mission trip to the island of Sumatra years ago, I joined a group of Americans, Sumatrans, and visiting Indonesians to climb the long-dormant Mount Merapi. As we descended into the volcanic pit, the mountain stirred from years of silence and began to rain glowing, super-heated rocks and ash. We scrambled to escape, praying for deliverance. Later, we built a makeshift emergency room and worked to treat our injuries. The help of that small, diverse community meant survival.

This year, The U.S. Navigators saw that same kind of unity lead us into a richer community and a fuller witness to a watching world.

We worked in unity as our Collegiate Navs and Nav20s ministries partnered to see graduates transition out of college life and stay connected with other believers and with The Navigators Calling. Our NavWorkplace and Nav Neighbors ministries are combining efforts that increasingly reach men and women where they live, work, and play.

In the last year The Navigators expanded by 354 staff to reach into more places with the love of Christ and disciple among the lost! We have 2,659 Navigator staff members serving on college campuses, military bases, in workplaces, churches, local communities, and major cities.

I pray you will be encouraged as you read all the amazing things God is doing around the world through The Navigators. Thank you for being part of this ministry. Together, I know we can advance the Gospel into all the nations and disciple the next generation of Christ followers.


Doug Nuenke
U.S. President
The Navigators

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Support and Revenue 2016 (in thousands)

  Support and Revenue for years ended: Aug. 31, 2016 Aug. 31, 2015
Contributions 88.2% $109,493  $105,273 
Conferences & Camps 6.1% 7,598  6,630 
Royalty income 2.3% 2,782  2,702 
Investment income & change in value of gift annuities & trusts 2.4% 2,952  (1,132)
Other income 1.0% 1,294  1,844 
Total Revenue & Support $124,119 $115,317

Expenses 2016 (in thousands)

  Expenses for years ended: Aug. 31, 2016 Aug. 31, 2015
Program Services:
  Field Ministries 66.3% $79,234 $76,480
  Conferences and camps 7.2% 8,552 7,969
  Materials publication 2.3% 2,724 2,321
  International ministries 5.5% 6,607 6,340
Supporting activities:
  General & administrative 11.5% 13,845 12,810
  Fundraising 7.2% 8,596 8,007
Total Expenses $119,558 $113,927
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